Free Internet, Minutes & SMS Offers
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Free Internet, Minutes & SMS Offers

Due to Corona Virus Pandemic, the whole world is locked down and businesses are badly affected. Governments all over the world ask their citizens to stay indoors so they can stay safe.

In this way, all the big multinational companies are also offering new offers to limit people in their homes. In Pakistan, where the rest of the companies are playing their role, telecom companies have also provided free internet, minutes, and SMS to their customers.

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However, not everyone is aware of this. We have endeavored to write all such offers here so that the public can easily find them in one place. These free internet, minutes & SMS offers are available for everyone.

Free Internet, Minutes & SMS Offers

All the offers are mentioned below:


  • Free 2 GB data *462#
  • Free Facebook *114*6#
  • Free 500 MB *117*72*3#
  • Free MinutesDaily *212*2#
  • Free Sms *706*2#


  • Free 10 minutes *2030#
  • Free 2 GB Whatsapp *987#
  • Free SMS *5015#
  • Free 5 GB Data *987#
  • Free Facebook *4422#


  • Free 2 GB Whatsapp *247#
  • Free Facebook *5*325#
  • Free SMS *2*2*1#
  • Free minutes *300#
  • Free 1 GB Data to get install My Telenor app


  • Free 20 minutes *45#
  • Free 1 GB *563*85*23# you can also get free 4 GB internet to install my Zong app.
  • Free Whatsapp *247#
  • Free Facebook *56*8*23#

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