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Write For us

Do you want to write for JanoPK.com?

If you are a professional writer or a blogger, then JanoPK is the ultimate platform for you.

Why JanoPK?

We have an audience of about 10,000 visitors per month and the graph is going up day by day. A huge audience is going to read your thoughts.

And yes, we do accept 1 do-follow backlink free of cost.

If you are blogger, our 1 backlink is going to boost your website because of the organic traffic we have.

Following are the Stats from Ahref & Moz on date 11.02.2021

Ahref's Stat
Stat from Moz

Type of content we accept

We do accept articles about every niche which falls under the how-to category but the article must be unique and high quality.

If you are providing a link with your article, the website must be with minimum spam score and high quality. We do not accept each type of website for do-follow.

Your article must not be published any where else before. Please do not try to submit low quality or spun content, we will reject such type of article if it is not written properly.

Check out the below details:

Words Count: Minimum 800 words

Backlink: 1 do-follow backlink

How to Submit

Please contact the admin using the below form. You will receive further instructions in email.


    Please note that if your article is not of high quality or your provided link is spammy/low-quality, we have a right to reject your article at any time. Even if your article is published on our website, and you have changed your website, we can remove your link at any time without any warning.