Ufone Call Packages 2024 – Daily, Weekly & Monthly Offers
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Ufone Call Packages 2024 – Daily, Weekly & Monthly Offers

Ufone provides internet calls and SMS services all over Pakistan. Ufone has many valuable benefits with affordable prices. We are here to discuss the best Ufone call packages that you can enjoy at an affordable price.

Ufone is a Pakistan cellular service provider. It is the third mobile company to enter in Pakistani market. This company started its first successful operation in Islamabad. 

Ptcl started the operation under the brand named Ufone in 2001. After some time Ufone became a part of Etisalat (Emirates Telecommunication Corporation group) in 2006.

There are some Ufone call packages as follows;

  1. Daily call packages
  2. Weekly call packages
  3. Monthly call packages

Ufone Daily Call Packages

Ufone Call Packages

These are some daily call packages of Ufone!

1. Ufone best day offer

This Ufone best day offer is for those people who work the whole day. Those people who want the internet for their work needs and some entertainment. The customers of Ufone can subscribe to this offer at affordable prices.

After subscribing to this offer, users enjoy more free calls and more free MBs. On this best day do not charge extra tax. Now people enjoy full service and enjoy the calls with their loved ones.

On net minutes500
Off-Net Minutes0
Validity1 Day
PriceRs. 11.99
Subscription Code*6060#
Unsubscription Code*706#

2. Ufone Beyhisaab Offer

The Ufone Beyhisaab offer is the best offer for the customers of Ufone. This offer gives one hefty facility to the users i.e. on-net minutes. This offer is best to make the calls to Ufone & PTCL numbers for 24 hours non-stop at affordable prices.

This offer gives unlimited calls and free on-net minutes for 1 day. With this Ufone beyhisaab offer, users can relax more. In addition, this offer does not charge any extra tax and provides a full balance to the user. 

On net minutesUnlimited
Off-net minutes0
Validity1 day
Subscription code*5700#

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3. Ufone Daily Pakistan Offer

Ufone launched a new offer ‘Ufone Daily Pakistan offer’. By using this offer you can talk with your loved ones and send SMS unlimitedly and enjoy more internet. Customers can use this offer at low prices – with 0% tax.  A customer of Ufone now enjoys high-speed internet. And fast downloading by using the internet. It covers all the needs of customers using this offer today. 

10 MBs of the internet are enough for you to check your Facebook notifications or chit-chat with your friends on WhatsApp and Messenger.

On net minutes 100
Off-net minutes0
Validity1 day
Subscription Code*888#

Ufone Weekly Call Packages

There are some weekly call packages of Ufone as follows:

1. Ufone Talk Time Offer

This Ufone Talk time offer is only for calls. All calls are free of charge means there are no charges for them even if you make hundreds of them. Users can only use this offer between 9 am to 2 pm.

On net minutesUnlimited
Off-net minutes0
Validity7 days
PriceRs. 52.17
Subscription code*6789#

2. Ufone Weekly Pakistan Offer

In the Ufone weekly Pakistan Offer, users can make unlimited calls and use the internet at affordable prices. Now the user who subscribes to this offer can enjoy the internet for 7 days.

Users can use this USSD code *707# to check the remaining data. After subscribing, multiple times more minutes will be added.

On net minutes 700
Off-net minutes0
Validity7 days
Subscription code*8888#

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3. Ufone Asli Chappar Phaar Offer

Asli chappar offer is also known as the Ufone power pack offer. By activating this offer users can get 100 Ufone to Ufone minutes, 100 SMS to all local networks, and 1000 Mbps mobile internet.

After activating this offer, users can enjoy more calls with their friends and families. Users can get all of these at affordable prices. Now users can use the internet day and night without any break for the whole week.

On-net minutes100
Off-net minutes0
Validity7 days
Subscription code5050#

4. Ufone’s Best Weekly Offer

This offer allows U2U calls and Facebook usage to keep you busy! By subscribing to this offer, users can enjoy calls with their loved ones. Ufone users who subscribe to this offer will be charged 120 rupees. Users can use this offer without paying extra charges. 

On-net minutes1000
Off-net minutes0
MBs (Facebook only)2000
Validity7 days
PriceRs. 120
Subscription code*7070#

5. Ufone Super Minutes

These Ufone super minutes are valid for prepaid customers only. There are no extra charges in these super minutes. These super minutes provide internet and call minutes for 7 days. 

On net minutes125
Off-net minutes0
Validity7 days
Price Rs. 160
Subscription code*210#

Learn how you can unsubscribe from Ufone packages easily!

Ufone Monthly Call Packages

There are some monthly call packages as follows:

1. Ufone Monthly Pakistan Offer

After subscribing to this offer users can enjoy a whole month of voice calls and free internet for Rs. 430 including charges. All calls on Ptcl are free of cost – now users call on Ptcl freely.

On-net minutes4000
Off-net minutes,0
Validity30 days
Price 430 R.s
Subscription *8888#
Un subscription code*8880#

2. Ufone Super Card Plus

After subscribing to this Ufone super card plus offer users can enjoy chatting with their loved ones and use free Facebook. Ufone super card plus gives relaxation for the whole month.

There are no extra charges cut in this offer. The validity of this super card is 30 days. Now after activating this offer, users can be tension-free for the whole month and enjoy high-speed internet. This offer is valid for prepaid customers only.

On-net minutes2000
Off-net minutes225
Validity30 days
PriceRs. 649
Subscription code*250#
To find the remaining minutes*706#

3. Ufone Super Card Max

Ufone super card max has free off-net and on-net minutes. Ufone super card max comes at 749 PKR. More details are mentioned below:

On-net minutesUnlimited
Off-net minutes350
MBs14000 (5GB FB + 2GB Whatsapp)
Validity30 days
PriceRs. 749
Subscription code*629#

Here is how you can check Ufone Super Card Balance.

4. Ufone Super Card Gold

Ufone Super Card gold offers 12 GB data and 7Gb for Facebook and unlimited Ufone to Ufone calls, U -PTCL minutes, SMS, and 300 off-net minutes. This card will be valid for 30 days. This offer can be recharged from self-service channels.

On net minutesUnlimited
Off-net minutes500
Validity30 days
PriceRs. 999
Subscription code*900#

Ufone Others Call Packages

There are some other call packages of Ufone as follows;

1. Ufone new sim offer

If you buy a New Ufone SIM, you can enjoy free minutes and the internet. After inserting the sim, the user chooses the offer of his choice and enjoys free internet. Ufone Nayi SIM Offer includes 4GB( of data 1GB+1GB).

On-net minutes1000
Off-net minutes 0
Validity7 days
Price Rs. 0
Subscription code*1000#

2. Ufone SIM Lagao Offer

If you have an old Ufone SIM, which is not been used for some time, you can enjoy an amazing Ufone Sim Lagao Offer. Put it back and enjoy free resources. Check more details below:

On net minutes6000
Off-net minutes0
Validity30 days
PriceRs. 0
Subscription code6000#

3. Ufone Best Call Offer

Ufone presents the best call offer for its customers. In this best calls offer, users can make calls for just 2 hours for just Rs 6.5 including tax to any Ufone/PTCL numbers.

This offer is also known as the Ufone 2-Hour Call Package.

On-net minutesUnlimited
Off-net minutes0
Validity2 hours
Subscription code*343#

4. Ufone Power Hour

Ufone is offering the Ufone power hour in which users can get unlimited Ufone to Ufone minutes, 60 SMS, and 60 MBs of mobile internet. All of these users can get in just Rs.7 including tax.

In Ufone, power hour users can subscribe to this offer anywhere and at any time. Now enjoy calls and SMS for an hour at less price. Anyone can get this offer and enjoy chats with their friends and family.

On net minutesUnlimited
Off-net minutes0
Validity1 hour
Subscription code*99#

Final Words

We have done extensive research on Ufone Call Packages to get you the right information. With these 3 types of best Ufone call packages, you can enjoy true freedom within your budget. We hope you like the article!