Ufone Postpaid Internet Packages 2024
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Ufone Postpaid Internet Packages 2024

Ufone, a Pakistani cellular company, has announced Ufone postpaid internet packages. These packages are designed to provide users with affordable internet access without having to commit to a long-term contract. There are four different postpaid internet packages available, each with its own unique set of features.

Entertainment, communication with loved ones, and many other things are possible through Internet use and have become a necessity. Internet packages for postpaid are marketed less than prepaid ones that are why many prepaid users struggle to find the right internet packages.

Here are a few Ufone postpaid internet packages that might be suitable for your needs.

Ufone Postpaid Internet Packages

Ufone Postpaid Internet Packages
  • PrimePlay 1000
  • PrimePlay 3000
  • PrimePlay 6000
  • PrimePlay 10000

1. PrimePlay 1000

Data 1000 MB
Price 100 Rs
Subscription Code*323#
Validity 1 month
Check remaining balance*4545#

Prime Play 1000 is the minimum package that offers 1000 MB of internet for just 100 Rs. Users who regularly access the internet for their basic needs might choose this package because it is one of the cheapest monthly packages offered by Ufone.

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2. PrimePlay 3000

Data 3000 MB
Price 250
Subscription Code*434#
Validity 1 month
Check remaining balance*4545#

This package offers 3000 MB at just the price of 250 Rs+ Tax. The Data on this package is 3 times more than the previous package. This one is for people who use multiple social media apps. If this one is not sufficient for your needs and budget is not an issue then you might like their next packages.

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3. PrimePlay 6000

Data 6000 MB
Price 500
Subscription Code*656#
Validity 1 month
Check remaining balance*4545#

With PrimePlay you can get 6000 MB of data for just 500Rs + Tax. Just dial *656# on your Ufone Number and this package will be activated. In comparison to its previous package, this does not offer dual data as well as cost. Therefore, this package might be suited for individuals with a large data requirement.

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4. PrimePlay 10000

Data 10000 MB
Price 750 Rs
Subscription Code*989#
Validity 1 month
Check remaining balance*4545#

Last but not least on the list is PrimePlay 10000 which offers 10000 MB in the 750 Rs. This package is ideal for individuals who do not want any compromise on internet data. With this volume, you can enjoy nonstop entertainment. To activate this package you have to dial *989#.

If you are looking for a call package, check out this Ufone 2-Hour Call Package, it will help you to call for about 2 hours continuously.


How to check the remaining volume?

Once the desired package is activated the next issue that arises is how to track the volume so that we know how much data is used and how much is remaining.
To check the remaining data you need to dial *4545# and then you will be informed about the remaining data. 
As for the validity of all four of the prime plays, packages have a validity of one month.

What is the data limit for the Ufone Postpaid Internet Package?

There are four different packages available for postpaid customers. The data limit for each package varies from 1,000 MBs to 10,000 MBs per month.

Final Thoughts

Here you have it. These were some of the Ufone postpaid internet packages that might be according to your needs. Now you don’t have to search for the activation cord next time you want to activate the internet package on your postpaid sim.