Jazz Monthly Call Packages (2024 Updated)
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Jazz Monthly Call Packages (2024 Updated)

The jazz network has become the largest network in Pakistan, giving users more facilities. Jazz introduced many packages that we can enjoy at affordable prices. Jazz has become the most valuable network in all categories like internet, call, and SMS packages. One of the best packages that Jazz has for its users is the Jazz monthly call packages!

Talking about voice quality, you will experience some top-notch service from jazz. Also, jazz covers wide area networks that assist in high-quality voice calls! Jazz networks have zero hidden tax that let the user enjoy their packages freely!

Jazz Monthly Call Packages

Jazz introduced many monthly call packages for users, some of the best packages are as follows;

  • Jazz Prepaid Monthly Call Packages 
  • Jazz Postpaid Packages

Jazz Mahana Bachat Offer

Jazz Mahana Bachat Offer is one of the best offers by jazz. It gives you off-net calls, minutes, and SMS. Not only that, but It also comes with offers like  WhatsApp, IMO, and data MBS.  This offer alone is enough to fulfill your monthly needs. Next, you will find more information about how to activate this offer. 

on-net minutes250
off-net minutes35 free 
Validity30 days 
Subscription Code*614#
Unsubscribe Code*614*4#

Jazz Karachi Mahana Bachat Offer

Jazz Karachi Mahana entertains people living in Karachi. Provides more facilities to the Karachi residents who need greater internet connectivity. This offer is for people only in Karachi & Hyderabad.  The offer is valid for exactly 30 days. The price is affordable for the residents of Karachi. This offer will expire at midnight on the 30th calendar date. 

on-net minutes5000 
off-net minutes150
Validity30 days 
PriceRs. 454
Subscription Code*614#

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Jazz Monthly Hybrid Bundle

Jazz monthly hybrid offer is presented by Mobilink, Pakistan. This package offers 600mbs mobile internet, 6000 free SMS, 6000 on-net minutes, and 200 off-net minutes. The duration of the package is 30 days. Also, there are no call setup charges included. So, true freedom for 30 days. 

on-net minutes10000 
off-net minutes100
Validity30 days 
PriceRs. 545
Subscription Code*430#
Unsubscribe Code*430*4#

Jazz Super Duper Card

The jazz company introduced a super duper card that offers the jazz customer with 2000 free on-net minutes, 150 off-net minutes,2000 free SMS, and 2000 free MBs for 30 days. The jazz customer enjoys this package at a price of 600 including tax. This package is for those people who want to use more data for their work. By using this offer jazz customers do their work more comfortably. This offer expired on the 30 of the calendar date.

on-net minutes2000 
off-net minutes150
Validity30 days 
PriceRs. 600
Subscription Code*601#.
Unsubscribe Code*707*4#

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Jazz Monthly Premium Package

By using this jazz monthly premium package jazz users can enjoy more internet and place more calls with their loved ones.  This mid-range bundle provides enough minutes for the whole month that does not require any other package!

If you are not a hardcore internet explorer, this package is the best fit for you!

on-net minutes250 
off-net minutes0
Validity30 days 
PriceRs. 650
Subscription Code*2000#.
Unsubscribe Code*2000*4#

Jazz Monthly Super-Duper Package

Jazz introduced a monthly super-duper package to cover the majority of the population. This affordable package is the best value for money! By using the jazz monthly offer, users can enjoy the best 4g internet, and send messages without any problem. This package is best for those people who need more internet for their work. 

on-net minutes3ooo 
off-net minutes165
Validity30 days 
PriceRs. 655
Subscription Code*706#
Unsubscribe Code*707*4#

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Jazz Monthly Super Duper Plus Offer

Jazz monthly super duper offer gives more facilities, enjoyment, and relaxation to the users. This offer provides the internet to customers for a whole month. After activating this offer, users can enjoy unlimited calls and send unlimited SMS to their loved ones.

This super-duper plus offer is for people with no monetary issues and who want to get the most out of a package. This pricey package is worth the money! With just a minimum amount you can enjoy a hefty amount of MBS, on-net, and off-net minutes. What else? Check the table

on-net minutes5000 
off-net minutes300
Validity30 days 
PriceRs. 870
Subscription Code*707#

Jazz Monthly Call Packages for post-paid

For their premium post-paid users, jazz also introduced some of their best value packages to let their customers enjoy the true freedom of Jazz monthly call packages.

The jazz monthly call packages for post-paid users start from 150 Rupees to go as high as 700 rupees. Unlike, pre-paid users, these packages only entertain you with call services. It means, no internet or no SMS packages are included.

You can find subscription codes, prices, and other information in the table below!

PackagesSubscription CodeMinutesValidityPrice
Call Offers ​Lite*441*15#10030 Days150
Call Offers Mini*441*16#20030 Days275
Call Offers Smart*441*23#30030 Days425
Call Offers Super*441*24#40030 Days550
Call Offers Budget*441*12#50030 Days700
100 All-Net*441*22#10030 Days175
200 All-Net*441*20#20030 Days350

Here are some more Jazz Postpaid Packages, check them out too.

Final Words

In this article, we covered the multiple numbers of Jazz Monthly Call Packages. Here, jazz provides some of the outstanding and best value packages for their customers. We hope you enjoyed the article, if you do so, leave a comment for us!