Zong Daily Basic Internet Package 2024: Complete Guide
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Zong Daily Basic Internet Package 2024: Complete Guide

Zong provides the best data bundles all across Pakistan. You can now get data packages that you find fit. Zong is the largest service provider in Pakistan. You can enjoy Zong’s high-speed 4G internet even when you are traveling on the motorway.

We will tell you about the Zong daily basic internet package offers. Stay in touch with your friends and family. Socialize all you want. All of these packages are light on your pocket and heavy when it comes to data volume.

Zong Daily Internet Packages

Zong offers a wide range of daily internet packages. These internet bundles cover your every need at every hour of the day!

Zong Daily Basic Internet Package

Package Table:

Daily BasicTill 12.00 am100 MBs*6464*Rs 23
Daily Data MaxTill 12.00 am1 GB including 500 MBs for  YouTube*6464*Rs 49
Youth Offer1 am – 9 am2.5 GB*6464#Rs.23
Zong Day Time OfferExpiry at 7 am1.5 GB*6464#Rs 23
Social pack24 hours100 MBs*6464#Rs 10
Daily social Offer24 hours1.5 GB*6464#Rs 23
Daily basic premium24 hours500 MBs*6465#Rs 25+tax
Zong Twitter Only24 hours20 MBs*6464#Rs 2
Zong Social Pack(WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter)24 hours100 MBs*6464#Rs 10

After activating your favorite bundle you can check the remaining data by dialing *102#.

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These bundles will meet your internet requirements really well. You do not have to get a heavy bundle or pay loads of money when you do not need one. Zong Daily basic internet packages have your back. These bundles will keep you connected with your loved ones.