Jazz Postpaid Packages 2024: Ultimate Guide
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Jazz Postpaid Packages 2024: Ultimate Guide

Are you looking for the Jazz Postpaid Packages of 2024? Check out this ultimate guide on all packages along with subscription methods & price information.

We all use a single SIM or sometimes two SIMs on our mobile because of the affordable packages and wide range of networks. Jazz is one of the most used networks in Pakistan with more than 64 million active users who not only enjoy services like calling, SMS, and internet surfing but also JazzCash which is a mobile wallet for online banking and transactions.

Jazz Postpaid Packages

Along with the prepaid user jazz also has a postpaid user who uses it as their first choice. Choosing a package from the many options offered by postpaid is no easy task, so in this article, we will explain the postpaid plan.

Jazz Postpaid Packages

  • J 300

1. J 300

Data2 GB (1 GB WhatsApp, FB, Twitter)
Jazz Mins1000
Other Network Mins150
PriceRs.550 Incl. Tax

Jazz offers their postpaid customers many all-in-one packages at every price range like J300. This is good for basic use offering 2 GB of Data for the internet  (1 GB WhatsApp, FB, Twitter) 1000 jazz to jazz mins, 150 mins on another network, and last but not least 1000 SMS for Rs 550 incl. Tax. This is ideal for someone who wants plans for the basic need while remaining within the budget.

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Data10 GB Data
Jazz Mins3000
Other Network Mins200
PriceRs.750 Incl. Tax

Jazz Gold is a Jazz premium package designed for users with more intensive requirements. The Gold basic offers 10 GB Data for internet surfing, For calling 3000 jazz min and 200 min for other networks, with 3000 SMS for just Rs 750 incl. Tax.


Data20 GB
Jazz Mins6000
Other Network Mins400 
PriceRs.1,350 (Incl. Tax)

For more demanding use this plan is ideal because for Rs 1350 (Incl. Tax) you can get double the amount of the previous plan. 20 GB of internet data, 6000 jazz, and 400 other network mins, and for the SMS 6000. In this package, you can enjoy doubling the incentive for double the cost.

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Data40 GB
Jazz Mins10000
Other Network Mins600
PriceRs.2,150 (Incl. Tax)

For the individual that doesn’t want any compromise on anything then, gold ultimate is a better choice. You don’t need to worry about running out of data or min because you will be awarded 40 GB internet, 10K jazz min, 600 other network min, and 10K SMS.

Knowing the remaining Data SMS and min can be important when using the limited plan. You can check the reminder incentive by dialing the *2222#. Check as many times as you want currently this service is completely free of charge.

Also by dialing *1111#, you can also get billing details this service is also free of charge for more information you can ask their Helpline Dial 777.


These were the jazz postpaid packages that Jazz offers to their postpaid customers so they can enjoy the plan. We have explained the plans and their details in the article so you can make an informed choice which one suits your needs.