Zong Super Star Offer: Price, Code & Other Information
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Zong Super Star Offer: Price, Code & Other Information

Want to keep in touch with your relatives and friends? Want to text your friend some important details? Need to update your Facebook status or add a new picture on Instagram but wifi not working? Do not worry! Zong has got its customer covered with its new Zong Super Star offer!

Zong Super Star Offer

Zong Super Star Offer

Zong has recently launched a new offer under the name of “Super Star Offer” to provide a tension-free package to their customers, that too in just 575/-PKR!

The salient features of the Zong Super Star Offer are as below:

On Net Minutes3000
Off-Net Minutes500
Call Setup ChargesRs. 0
Price575/- PKR
Check Code*102#

How to Subscribe to Zong Super Star Offer

You can subscribe to Zong Super Star Offer in a just single step. Just dial *7070# from your mobile phone and voila! subscribed! You can also visit the official website of Zong or open the ‘My Zong App ‘to activate this Zong monthly package on your Zong Number.

How to unsubscribe from this package?

You can unsubscribe from Zong Super Star Offer simply! One way to unsubscribe is by sending “UNSUB MHO” to 6464. You can also call the Zong Helpline to unsubscribe. “My Zong App” is another feasible yet easy option that can be used to unsubscribe from the offer.

Check out all the unsubscribe codes of Zong here.

Terms and conditions

  • No Call Set-up charges will apply.
  • This offer is not auto-renewable.
  • This package is valid only for a month.
  • The minutes, SMS & MBs will remain usable 24/7.


How to check the remaining resources?

Dial *102# to check the remaining resources (Charges 10 paisa+ tax per inquiry).

Is there an automatic renewal option?

No, you will have to renew the offer yourself.

Do any unused resources of this offer roll over?

Yes, upon renewing the offer before it expires the remaining resources are carried over.

Does this deal have a maximum number of downloads that can be made?

There is no limit to how much can be downloaded, as long as it fits within the 8GB limit.

Does this deal permit me to also subscribe to DTO and GNO?

Yes, it is available for subscription with all plans.

Is there a time limit when the bundle can be re-subscribed after being initially subscribed?

For starters, send “UNSUB MHO” to 6464 to cancel the offer. After then, dial *7070# to subscribe to the offer again. The My Zong app also allows you to cancel or join the offer.

Does the Super Star offer work if I move to other cities?

Yes, the offer works regardless of the location.


So today we enlightened you about the new and highly economical Zong Super Star package. This package is the one solution to all your mobile packages problem. So what are you waiting for? subscribe now and get, set, talking! 

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