Zong Monthly Whatsapp Packages 2024
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Zong Monthly Whatsapp Packages 2024

No doubt, Zong is becoming better day by day, and for good reasons! One of the most famous offers that set Zong at the peak of fame is its affordable Zong monthly WhatsApp packages!

Zong Monthly Whatsapp Packages

In this article, we will be discing some of the best value and mostly used Zong monthly Whatsapp packages! So Stay Tuned!

Zong Monthly WhatsApp 5GB

The first bundle of this package is the monthly WhatsApp package. In this, users can use WhatsApp for 30 days. The user just has to dial the subscription code from SIM to activate this monthly Whatsapp bundle. This is a limited-price offer that anyone can get at an affordable price.

Now, after subscribing to this offer users can get the internet for WhatsApp to chat, send and receive media and enjoy calls with loved ones.

Validity1 month
Status check code*102#
Price80 PKR
Subscription Code*247#

Zong Monthly WhatsApp Plus Offer

Want to fly free for the whole month? This WhatsApp plus offer is right here to serve you! With this budgeted offer, not only do you enjoy 5 GB WhatsApp + IMO but also get on-net and off-net minutes along with SMS! 

WhatsApp offers have 30 days validity. This is a marvelous 30-day WhatsApp bundle that gives you complete freedom. This is the best WhatsApp offer for any user. Now users enjoy chatting with their loved ones.

Offer nameWhatsapp Plus
On-net minutes200
Off-net minutes30
Validity30 days
Subscription code*4000#
Check code*102#

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Zong Monthly Social Bundle Package

This Zong Social Bundle is the next level for any hardcore WhatsApp user! After activating this offer users can get internet for Facebook, WhatsApp, and IMO and this too at affordable prices. Check out more Zong Internet Packages here.

Once a package is activated users are able to not only use free Facebook, WhatsApp, and IMO but also can make Zong to Zong and other calls for free.

Now enjoy the internet more and talk with loved ones for the whole month.

Price220 PKR
Off-net minutes50 minutes
On net minutes250 minutes
Internet12 Gb (FB+WA+IMO)
Activation code*6000#
Validity30 days

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Monthly Social Mini 

Don’t let inflation let you keep away from your social circle! Now enjoy the best WhatsApp offers by WhatsApp within your pocket budget!

This social mini is for anyone looking for a 1-time package for the whole month does wants to be free! With enough Facebook MBs, you can scroll through your favorite videos, and with WhatsApp MBs, stay in contact with guys all the time!

Price130 PKR
Off-net minutes50 minutes
On net minutes250 minutes
Internet6 Gb (FB+WA)
Activation code*250#
Validity30 days

Final Words

Zong monthly Whatsapp packages are the best way to stay connected with friends and family. These offers are affordable and provide users with the best internet experience possible. Users can subscribe to these offers by dialing the offer codes given above. Stay connected and enjoy chatting with loved ones!