Ufone 2 Hour Call Package | 3 Pe 3 Offer By Ufone
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Ufone 2 Hour Call Package | 3 Pe 3 Offer By Ufone

Ufone is now offering a new 2-hour call package that lets its customers make unlimited calls to all Ufone numbers. This is a great way for Ufone subscribers to keep in touch with their friends and family members without having to worry about expensive phone bills.

Ufone 2 Hour Call Package

Read on to take advantage of this offer, because here we will go over the steps that need to be taken to subscribe to the Ufone 2 hour call package. 

Now let’s get started and discuss in detail. 

What is Ufone 3 Pe 3 Offer?

Ufone brings to you the best call package in town, Ufone 3 Pe 3 Offer. With this offer, you can make unlimited calls to any Ufone number for 2 hours, and that too at just Rs.6!

This is an amazing opportunity for all of you who love talking on the phone. Make the most of your time by talking to your loved ones without worrying about the cost.

How to activate the Ufone 2 hour Call Package?

Activating the Ufone 2 hour call package is not hard enough. You only need to dial a code and you are done. 

  • Open the dial pad of your mobile phone and type *343# and you are done. You can make unlimited calls for 120 minutes at just PKR 6
  • You can also activate the offer using the My Ufone App under the bundle- > offer options. 

Terms & conditions

Before activating the Ufone 3 Pe 3 offer, please be sure to familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions set by the telecom operator. 

  1. This offer is only for prepaid Ufone Users.
  2. Rs. 0.13 + tax will be charged on every call.
  3. The offer is valid for 120 minutes after subscription. 
  4. You can subscribe to the offer more than once. 
  5. This offer is valid for Ufone, Ptcl, and Vfone numbers. 
  6. You can’t subscribe to this offer between 5 pm to 9 pm. 

If you have any questions or queries, please don’t hesitate to contact Ufone customer service.

If you are not using your Ufone SIM for some time, check out the Ufone SIM Lagao offer to get free resources.

How to contact Ufone customer service?

In order to contact Ufone customer service, you can call their helpline at 333. You can also visit their website and send an email to their customer service team. 


How can I check my Ufone 2-hour call package status?

You need to dial *706# to check the status of your 3-hour call package. 

What are the charges of Ufone 3 pe 3 Offer?

The Ufone 2-hour call package is affordable for all Ufone users. The charges of this offer are kept at Rs. 6. However, in order to activate the offers, you should have more than Rs 6. 

How to unsubscribe from the Ufone 2-hour call package?

The bundle will automatically unsubscribe after 2-hours. 

Final Words

This is a great way to save money and talk to your friends and family members for 2 hours. Now you don’t have to worry about expensive phone bills if you have Ufone SIM on your mobile. So stay in touch with your friends and family members by subscribing to this amazing deal. 

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