Telenor Daily Offpeak Offer – Telenor Daily Internet Package
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Telenor Daily Offpeak Offer – Telenor Daily Internet Package

Telenor is popular for addressing the problems of its customers by providing budget-friendly offers. Telenor daily offpeak offer is one of the best Telenor internet packages on a daily basis. This package has an affordable price. This offer is also known as Telenor 6 AM- 6 PM offer.

This package is best for those people who want to use the internet on a specific day or whenever they have a free day from busy life. It is better to subscribe to an offer like Telenor daily offpeak offer to avoid expenses. Because using internet MBs from Telenor balance becomes very expensive.

Telenor Daily Offpeak Offer

Telenor Daily Offpeak Offer

This package has internet MBs that can be used on every application such as you can use Facebook, Google Chrome, Tik Tok, etc. This Telenor internet package is especially for those people who don’t browse regularly. We have compiled more instructions about this offer in the following table.

Internet MBs1500  (6 AM-6 PM)
ON-net Minutes0
Off-net Minutes0
chargesRs. 15 (Incl.Tax)
Subscription Code*10#
Validity12 Hours(6 AM – 6 PM)

How to subscribe

All Telenor prepaid customers can subscribe to this offer by dialing *10#. Internet MBs of this package can be used between 6 AM- 6 PM. The remaining MBs of this offer cannot be renewed after the expiry.

Terms and Conditions

  • All Telenor prepaid customers are eligible to subscribe to this offer.
  • Internet MBs of this offer can be used between 6 AM – 6 PM.
  • A subscription fee for this package is inclusive of tax.
  • Charges for this package can be changed by Telenor at any time.
  • Telenor has the right to bail out this offer at any instant.
  • Internet MBs of this offer can be used on 3G and 4G devices.
  • Rates and resources change depending on geographical location.
  • The price of this offer is PKR 15 (Incl. tax).

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This offer is very suitable for daily browsing. This package has enough MBs for using the internet for a specified 12 hours time. However, if you use the internet on a regular basis, this offer is not suitable for you due to its limited time. So, you have a choice to subscribe to other internet offers.


What is telenor daily offpeak offer?

This is an internet package that has 1500 internet MBs valid for 12 hours. Its charges are Rs.15(Incl. Tax)

How to subscribe to this offer?

To subscribe to this offer dial *10#.

What is the validity of this offer?

This offer is valid for 12 hours (6 AM-6 PM).

What is the price of this package?

The price of this offer is PKR 15 (Incl. Tax).

What is the other name of this package?

Another name for this offer is Telenor 6 AM-6 PM offer.

How to check the remaining internet MBs of this offer?

To check the remaining MB’s internet of this offer dial *999#.

Can internet MBs of this offer be used on 3G and 2G devices?

Yes, the internet MBs of this offer can be used on 2G and 3G devices.

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